Luxury Basics


Going to the tropics or take the tropics with you, look like a Bahama mama in Velvet’s new resort arrivals! Just the breath of fresh air we need on these chilly days, stack and layer these pieces now but bare all in the coming months!

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Dressed to Impress


Turn heads in cobalt all season long in our favourite sweater dress to date! Velvet hits a home run (as usual) in one of their luxury-level basics that just blew us away. On the weekends, evenings or during the week this is one piece we haven’t been able to live without.

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A ‘Lil Bit of Hanky Panky


Changing the way you look at underwear, one thong at a time! Hanky Panky made in USA, one size fits all thongs will revolutionize your wardrobe from the very basics! No lines, no lumps, no discomfort – just smooth sailing.

Like wearing nothing at all in the best way, shop them online or in-store.

Worldwide Exclusive!


The ever-chic Matt and Nat have given us the honour of being the first, world wide, to stock their Spring collection! Shop it here first and tell your friends because this is one secret that won’t stay hidden!

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