Fight The Cold Fashionably


We all know it’s coming; cold, short days of being huddled at home while watching the wind blow … well, fret no longer! Be ready this season with these chic down coats that’ll keep you looking good AND feeling warm. Designed for Canadians by Canadians, Soia and Kyo really know what they’re doing.

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(Sweater) Dress to Impress


Forget every sweater dress you’ve loved or owned: this frock of the moment is so luxuriously soft that you’ll never be able to replace it! Straight from Velvet, their specialization in luxury basics shines in perfect pieces like this one.

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Glam Slam Dunk


This dress has got it going on!! This lacy LBD has just a little bit of everything to make it as stylish as it is classic. With the Holidays peeking their head around the head corner, this one is an occasion dress that shouldn’t be missed!

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A Touch of Leopard


Not willing to commit to animal print (and what a commitment that is!)? Opt for Velvet’s extra soft, super cozy navy-hued leopard print dress! At the office or on the weekend, this one is topping our must-have list!

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